Svöl Aquavit

Svöl Aquavit will take you on a journey through the varied regional traditions of Scandinavia’s beloved spirit. The Svöl range pays homage to the spirit of Viking exploration and aquavit's centuries of history, while also drawing from modern distillation advancements. Aquavit's history goes back hundreds of years in Scandinavia. It is made with a grain or potato base, infused and re-distilled with a large variety of herbs and spices, always including caraway. Over the years, distinct regional styles have developed in the major Scandinavian countries.

In Denmark and Sweden, aquavits are made with un-aged grain distillates. Danish aquavits tend to be caraway-dominant with notes of citrus, while Swedish varieties will often feature dill and fennel as lead flavors alongside caraway. In Norway, aquavit is made with aged potato distillate which adds depth of flavor to the botanicals. Danish and Swedish varieties are traditionally drunk chilled as a shot, while aged Norwegian aquavits make excellent sipping spirits. All three styles are now finding their way into the modern cocktail scene as a versatile and unique range of spirits.

Svöl partnered with experts in Scandinavian cuisine and beverage alcohol production to create the finest examples of aquavit made in the regional styles. The botanical used in every Svöl Aquavit are selected and sourced from around the world by Gunnar Gíslason, owner of Dill Restaurant in Reykjavik, and Jonas Andersen, Beverage Manager for MeyersUSA. The distillation and botanical extraction techniques were developed in partnership with Allen Katz at New York Distilling Co in Brooklyn, NY, where Svöl is made on a 1000L copper still.


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